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   YAESU VX 351
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YAESU VX351 - PROFESSIONAL Free use handheld!! - Earphone for free!!

The new YAESU handheld arrives to the market to reaffirm its presence, this model has many features, between them we can emphasize its robustness and resistance based on the IP55 and the complying of the MIL 810 CDEF regulation.

As a great innovation in the YAESU systems incorporates the ARTS system, this system is based on the range checking with other radios.



YAESU VX351 - PROFESSIONAL Free use handheld!!

The need for communication has been growing during the last years. This evolution in our society has forced the growing use of personal and professional communication systems. The EU of Telecommunications has reserved a free use without licence Radio-electrical space, that is, has reserved a frequencies margin with features of compulsory matters, 8 channels on the 446 MHz band with a maximum power of 500mW ERP, allows the use of portable transceivers with an inseparable antenna. In Spain this rule is called UN-110.
VERTEX YAESU as one of the most prestigious companies in Radio-Communications all over the world, has been developing compact equipments easy to use and absolutely resistant. The last model added to the rule UN-110 is the VX-351E.

Its reduced weight and its compact dimensions make its use and transport easier for the professional applications. The great robustness (complying the MIL 810 C,D,E standards) allows an intensive use in professional environments with huge wear out and at the same time simplifies its use for non specialized users. Thanks to the last generation battery included, with a Lithium-Ion high capacity 1800mAh, the equipment offers a working autonomy easily higher than competitors' models, up to 14 hours of continued working without recharging in a 5/5/90 cycle.

Includes the CTCSS and DCS tones. The 16 positions switch makes us easier to have the 8 channels of the PMR446 rule with defined tones and repeat the channels on the other 8 positions with different tones offering greater communication possibilities. Another of its important features is the ARTS system, registered by YAESU, with this system the user always will know if it's inside the range zone of its correspondent transmitters. The applications where we can use the VX-351E are really huge: industrial applications, security, hunting, hiking, leisure time, hotel industry, paragliding, etc.

It includes: Lithium-Ion FNB-V95LI 7,4VCC/1.800mAh battery, quick charger, belt clip and user's manual.


* 8 channels in PMR446
* 16 channels switch
* 2 programmable lateral buttons
* Accessories connector
* On/Off and volume button
* Lateral PTT higher button
* Tricolour LED
* Resistant PVC casing
* Battery saver in Tx
* MIL 810 CDEF rule
* IP 55
* Programmable channels
* 50 CTCSS/DCS and 104 DCS codes
* Scanner
* ARTS (range checking system)

Kit contents:

- 1 YAESU VX-351E handheld
- 1 Lithium-Ion 7,4VCC/1.800mAh battery (FNB-V95LI)
- 1 Belt clip (CLIP-18)
- 1 Quick charger (CD34 + PA-42C)
- 1 Earphone (Pin-29-VX146)



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Channels: 16
Frequencies: 446.00625 Mhz - 446.09375 Mhz
Output power: 500 mW ERP
Battery autonomy: up to 25 hours for FNB-95 Li
Working temperature: from -25ºC to +55ºC
Dimensions (WxHxD): 58 x 105 x 33 mm
Approx. weight (with battery, clip and antenna): 310 g