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Es un transceptor de base pmr 446 de uso libre que se puede utilizar en todos los paises miembros de la UE. El uso de frecuencias especificas permite comunicaciones claras y sin interferencias hasta distancias maxima de 4/5 km


It's a pmr 446 free use base transceiver that can be used in any country within the EU. The use of specific frequencies makes clear communications and without interferences possible up to a maximum range of 4/5 km.


You will get the best performance in open country. Environmental factors as the altitude and temperature, orographic like buildings, vegetation and differences in height, can reduce the range appreciably.
Base 446 can be also used as a person find system or as an intercommunication station, and it's compatible with all the PMR 446 handhelds: Cobra, Motorola,Yaseu, Kenwood, etc...
Due to its reduced size, it's suitable for using it in any environment. It can be also installed on the wall thank to its rear brackets. The telescopic antenna allows to overcome more easily obstacles like walls, therefore, gives a good range even in a closed place. Base 446 can work as with a 9v battery as with the 220v power supply supplied.


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8 Channels and 38 tones
UHF/FM 500mW
VOX (hands free)
Monitor / 0 key
Manual available in 5 languages
Up to 5km range in optimal conditions
Keyboard lock
Telescopic antenna
Supply: 9v battery or 220v power supply (supplied)
Weight: 270gr (without battery)
Dimensions: 140mm x 110mm x 45mm