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   KENWOOD TK 3301
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The renovated TK 3301 is an even more compact and robust transceiver than its predecessor.

Kenwood TK-3301
Free use, without licence.
Buy it and use it.
You can use it for commercial or recreational activities, you will enjoy a reliable and practical communication with the compact portable radio ProTalk from Kenwood. Is the cheapest way of being in contact constantly since you don't need a licence to use this portable equipment that you can take anywhere. Moreover, its robust construction and its high quality specifications makes this ProTalk radio the ideal for a without problems performance. Easy to use and versatile, this ProTalk form Kenwood will keep your communication lines open. PROFESSIONAL HANDHELD!!!
Robust, absolute reliability, ideal for working in adverse conditions: hot, humidity, low temperatures.

The renovated TK 3301 is an even more compact and robust transceiver than its predecessor.
Compatible with TK 3101, TK 3201 and with all the PMR 446 handhelds.
16 channels (8 channels complying the PMR446 regulation), power 500mW, CTCSS and DTS tones, VOX function, Scanner, connection for external earphones, Lithium battery (7,4 v 2000mAh), quick battery charger.

16 channels
The ProTalk has 16 channels, 8 of them could be programmed by the user.

The sub-audible analogical tones QT or the digital tones DQT remove the non-desired voice traffic and allow work groups or radio systems. The programming system by synthesized voice guide allows the user to select between a pre-programmed list of 38 tones QT/DQT or without a tone.
The PMR446 service is a short-range voice communication system without licence that includes eight RF channels compatible for its use around Europe. For each RF channel a Quiet Talk (QT) tone could be assigned to remove the non-desired voice traffic. This helps to minimize the interferences from other users since you will not hear the signal in case your radio receive a signal without the the correct tone. The ProTalk also has a channel selector with 15 positions that could be programmed with any of the eight RF channels.

Compatibility and continuity
Thanks to its 8 pre-programmed frequencies and its 38 QT and DQT tones, the ProTalk can operate in the same channels and tones than other handhelds. For that reason choosing the compact Kenwood ProTalk you will maintain the compatibility with any other older PMR446 radio.

"All included" pack
The ProTalk it's prepared for its immediate use. It's supplied with all the necessary accessories, quick charger and the extra capacity Lithium-Ion battery KNB-45L (2000mAh). A belt clip is also included.

Long-life battery
The supplied battery is the KNB-45L (2000mAh) and offers up to 20 hours of operation.

5km range
The new ProTalk offers 0,5W of transmitting power and allows direct radio to radio communications in the same frequency for distances up to 5km (depending on environmental factors).

Audio improvement
In case you have to work on noisy environments, the audio's frequency curve of the new ProTalk has been designed to optimize the communication. Moreover, the 32mm diameter speaker gives up to 500mW, assuring clear communications.

Other features
Scan / Channel's confirmation mode / Lock key / Voice encryption / Alert tones / TOT: channel's occupation limiter / Low battery indicator

Compact design and intuitive operating
The new ProTalk has an industrial design really functional and robust, elegantly enough to work at home, in a hotel lobby or in a restaurant. Each detail has been carefully designed. Its rounded and ergonomic outline provides a comfortable subjection and the anti-gliding channel's selector assures a good subjection for a secure channel selection.

Aluminium cast chassis
The aluminium cast chassis gives an exceptional robustness. This feature combined with the watertight casing design and the protection for knocks or falls guarantees that the ProTalk will give you years of reliable use. This robust radio is built to face all the inclemency of the weather. In fact, the new ProTalk satisfies and exceeds the strict standard IP54/55 of protection against dust and water, and also the environmental standards US MIL-STD 810 C,"C and F, that include the strict blowing rain test.

TOT: channel's occupation limiter
When the limit of 1 minute of continuous transmission is reached, the channel's occupation limiter automatically changes to reception mode. This feature limits the total transmission time for each unit to help reducing the channel's congestion and preserve the battery's life.

Battery save
This function automatically turns the receptor to "sleep mode" to preserve the battery's energy when it has been in waiting mode (without transmission or reception) during 10 seconds.

Low battery indicator
It warns you when the battery has to be recharged by the red LED blinking.

Aluminium chassis
By having an aluminium chassis modelled with injection, the ProTalk by Kenwood complies with the military standards of reliable performance in the most severe working environments.
The aluminium chassis modelled with injection provides an exceptional resistance that combined with the robust and sealed casing design will give you years of reliable use. The ProTalk also complies with the environmental standards US MIL-STD 810 C,"C and F about vibrations, knocks, humidity, dust and light rain. Apart from being extremely lasting, the ProTalk also have suitable dimensions. Take your ProTalk on your pocket or in your belt and you hardly will notice it because it's so small and light.

It includes:

- 1 TK 3301 HANDHELD
- 1 KNB 45L 2000mAh Lithium battery
- 1 KSC 35 Desktop quick charger
- 1 Belt clip
- 1 Earphone
- 1 Instructions manual in Spanish and French



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8 RF channels and 16 simplex
10 call tones
Battery save function
Low battery indicator, red LED blinking
Battery life up to 16 h
KNB 45L 2000mAh Lithium battery
VOX function for a voice activation