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KENWOOD UBZ LJ8 PACK + CHARGER + BATTERY. You shall use the UBZ LJ8 446 in any circumstance and without needing any licence because complies the PMR 446 regulation.

Kenwood UBZ-LJ8
You shall use the UBZ LJ8 446 in any circumstance and without needing any licence because complies the PMR 446 regulation. At work, during your holidays or practising any sport, the UBZ LJ8 446 is the perfect choice to be always in contact.

VOX hands free function
The UBZ-LJ8 comes with the VOX function that gives you a hands free working without needing optional earphones (KHS-21). This function allows to communicate without efforts while enjoying outdoor activities like riding a bicycle, and it's also a practical telephone for taking care of a baby that's sleeping in a room while you are in another room.

Group mode
To avoid hearing another group using the same channel, you have to select the Group mode and select a CTCSS number between 1 and 38. This feature allows you to enjoy clear communications and without problems with your group mates in any place, in any moment.
Has a total of 10 call tones, 6 timbre tones and 4 melody tones.

High gain 180° revolving antenna
The UBZ- LJ8 is compact and at the same time has a high gain helicoidal antenna that can turn on a 180º angle, that folds up on its rear panel for increased convenience.

Other features
Long life working: up to 24 hours with 3 AA alkaline batteries.
Big LCD display, retro illuminated, with icons.
Automatic switch off (2 hours).
Battery saver.
Waiting time timer (3 minutes).
Keyboard lock.
Low battery meter.
Channels scanner.
Switch on/off key beep.

Range and working conditions in a suburban area (vision line): up to 3 km.
Compatible with TK-3101 transceiver and with all the PMR 446 handhelds.
Not compatible with UBZ-LH68 and UBZ-LF68 transceivers nor with radios complying the UN-30 regulation.
The range will change depending on environmental factors.

It includes:

- 1 UBZ-LJ8 handheld
- 1 desktop charger
- 1 battery


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8 channels
Power output 500 mW
Modulation F3E
Power Supply: 4,5 V CC (3 AA alkaline batteries) or 3,6 V CC (optional battery pack UPB-1)
Operating Temperature Range - 20º C to + 55º C
Audio power output 90 mW (switched off Loudness)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 55,5 x 103,9 x 26 mm - Projections not included -
Weight: 180g approx. (with 3 AA alkaline batteries).