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      MIDLAND 445 BT
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MIDLAND 445 BT. Free use handheld with Bluetooth, special for motorbike intercom: CARDO MIDLAND BT INTERCOM.

Communicate instantly with other friends with this Bluetooth handheld. Compatible with Albrecht rider and BT intercom.

It's the first radio all over the world featuring Bluetooth.

ref: MIDLAND445BTKIT  MIDLAND 445 BT kit. Bluetooth handheld special for motorbike intercom.

Communicate instantly with other friends with this Bluetooth handheld.

> The Midland 445 BT  it's a free use pmr446 transceiver in all EU countries.

The Midland 445 BT it's a multifunctional radio really easy to use, it's the ideal solution for recreational activities but also for commercial and industrial needs.

Thanks to its compatibility with any Bluetooth speaker, to its external PTT button and its rain resistance, it's the ideal solution for communicating between motorbikes with Midland BT Intercom or Rider.

To protect each channel from other users interferences, the Midland 445 BT has 38 CTCSS tones that guarantee a clear communication without background noise.

Compatible with:

  - Albrecht rider
  - BMW WCS 1uvm

The kit includes :

  - MIDLAND 445 BT Bluetooth handheld
  - PTT button
  - Belt clip
  - Multilingual Manual
  - Batteries
  - Charger
  - Cigarette-lighter charger

With the Bluetooth technology you shall connect with your BT INTERCOM to the handheld without any cable. If you connect the handheld by Bluetooth, you will not be able to connect any other Bluetooth device to the BT INTERCOM.

Includes a PTT button, in case you want to connect by cable.


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Channels 8
Output power 500 mW
Bluetooth compatibility
Albrech Rider, Midland BT Intercom, BMW WCS 1uvm
Battery save function YES
Micro-speaker connector 2,5/3,5 mm
Hands free (VOX) YES, 6 levels of sensibility
Weight 100g. without Battery / 200g with Battery
Belt clip YES
Scanner YES
LCD Display YES
Range up to 5 Km (optimal conditions)
Roger Beep YES
Keyboard sound YES
Keyboard lock YES
Dual watch (DW) YES