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ALAN K-1 PMR446, incorporates some advanced functions that make it be over other existing radios, contributing also with a modern and reduced design, above all by its rubbery finish that allows holding it in a practical and firmly way.

The ALAN K-1 incorporates the last innovations and technical functions, as the VOX (hands free) with 6 levels of sensibility and the "Out of Range" that warns the user that the radio can not receive because it's out of range.

The ALAN K1 works with 3 AAA alkaline or Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries and can be used with all the Alan 1 pin accessories (2,5 mm stereo).
8 channels
20 memories for Baby Sitter function
38 CTCSS tones in TX and RX
LCD alphanumeric retro illuminated display
Keyboard lock
Out of Range function
Automatic battery saving


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 Frequencies 446.00625 : 446.09375 MHz
 Channels separation 12.5 KHz
 Channels 8
 Memories 20 additional memories for Babysitter (-b) and monitoring (E-)
 Tones 38 CTCSS tones
 Output power 500 mW ERP
 Range up to 4-5 Km
VOX function with 6 levels of sensibility
 Batteries 3 AAA alkaline or Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries
 Display LCD alphanumeric retro illuminated
 Battery life up to 30 hours (with alkaline batteries)
 Working temperature from -20º to +55º
 Weight 72 gr. (without batteries)
 Dimensions 83 x 50 x 27 mm
the functions and specifications are subject to change without prior warning.