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ALAN 860
      ALAN 860
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ALAN 860. The ALAN 860 transceiver works on 4 bands of this frequency.
Free use handheld.

ALAN 860. The ALAN 860 transceiver works on 4 bands of this frequency.

Free use handheld. The SRD radios can be used in different situations when you need to be in contact with other people, for example practising sports (competitions or amateur activities), professional situations (road security, discotheques, etc.).

The ALAN 860 provide the VOX function (hands free communication) that can be set with 3 levels of sensibility; the automatic squelch removes the background noise and guarantees a clear communication. The ALAN 860 works with 3 AA alkaline or Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries.
38 RX and TX tones.
Multifunction retro-illuminated display.
Auto power save: automatic circuit for battery saving that reduces consumption up to 50%.
VOX function programmable with 3 sensibility levels.
Keyboard Beep (on/off).
Keyboard lock (on/off).
CALL button to send an acoustic signal to other users (10 available).
UP / DOWN control to select channels.
MON button to automatically switch off the squelch.


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 Channels 48+40+10+24 on 4 bands
 Standard Frequencies 860.00625 - 869.99375 Mhz
A band: 868.00625 - 868.59375 MHz
B band: 868.70625 - 869.19375MHz
C band: 869.4125 - 869.6375MHz
D band: 869.70625 - 869.99375 MHz
 Batteries 3 AA alkaline 1.5V or 1.2V Ni-Mh rechargeable
 Channels 25 KHz (C band)
12,5KHz (A, B, D bands)
 Temperature -20ºC to +55ºC
 Frequencies Control PLL Synthesizer
 Weight 110gr 
 Dimensions 56x124x32 mm 
 Output power 25mW ERP/5mW 
 Modulation FM 
 Spurious emissions According to European rules
 Tolerance +-2.5 PPM (-20ºC / + 55ºC) 
 Input <100mA / 4.5V 
 Output Audio Power 0.2 W max. 
 Sensibility @ 12 dB SINAD > 0.35uv 
 Squelch Automatic
 Frequency response 300-3000 Hz
 Intermediate Frequencies 1st: 21.7 MHz - 2nd: 0.450 MHz
 Rechargeable batteries connector 2.5mm Stereo
 External speaker connector 3.5mm Mono
 INTERCOM connector 3.5mm Stereo